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Virginia Tech-STEM 2020-2021!

2020‐21 Virginia Tech School of Turfgrass Ecology and Management (VT‐STEM) virtual classes start next week (December 6th & 9th).

VT‐STEM serves as an introductory course detailing the principles in environmentally responsible turfgrass ecology and management for all segments of the turfgrass industry and is suitable for managers that grow either cool or warm‐season turfgrasses. The school provides an inexpensive virtual opportunity for students desiring a better understanding of the principles of turfgrass management to formally engage with the faculty and staff of the VT Turfgrass Team, and prepare to become a VT Certified Turfgrass Professional.Enroll today!

Registration Deadline: December 18th!


Click HERE for more details and REGISTER TODAY!

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