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Our Supporters

We thank these amazing individuals and organizations for helping make our work possible!

Adam Russell

Agronomic Lawn Managemet

Aimee McClendon

Al Divine

Alfred Strickler

Amy Storck

Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc.

Appomattox Gardens

Aqua Flo


Bank of the Commonwealth

Barry Graham

Barry Sullivan

Bayer Garden and Professional Care

Bayer Inc

Baymark Construction

Bayville Golf Club

Bert Clark

Big "O' Tree and Lawn

Bill Rich

Birdwood Golf Course

Blair Williamson

Blue Hills Golf Corp.

Bob Hatchet

Bob Hummer

Boonsboro Country Club

Brian Arndt

Brian Marmadike

Brian Yoder

Brook Parker, CGCS

Brookmeade Sod Farm, Inc

Bruce McCabe

Bryce Resort

C. Bruce Norman

Campbell C. Lewis

Capital Turf & Irrigation

Carey Hofner

Cathy Hughes

Cathy Dahl

Centerville Sod Growers

Chantilly National Golf Course

Chantilly Sod Farm

Charles Denico

Charlie Vestal

Cheryl Adkins

Chis McConnell

Chris Leary

Chris Mason

Chris Turner

Ciba-Geigy Inc.

Cindy Green

Cleary Chemical

Cliftondale Country Club

Colonial Hills Golf Course

Cornel Chapman

Craig Ziegler

Cutler Robinson

Dale Stevens

Daniel Munsey

Dave Chalmers

Dave Hancock

David Geiger

David Helms

David Vandergriff

Dawn Alleman

Dean Whitehead

Deborah Armijo

Dept. of Military Affairs

Dick Fisher

Dixie McClenahan

Earl Jackson III

Eddie Wirt

Edward Lee

Egypt Farms, Inc.

Elizabeth Manor Country Club

Elizabeth Romanus

Falling River Country Club

Farmington Country Club

Felicia Stoval

Finch Turf Equipment, Inc.

Forest Moss

Frank Dow

Fred Biggers

Fredericksburg Country Club

G. L. Cornell Company

Gail Everhart

Garret E. Miller

Gary Harris

Gary York

Gayle Covey

Gene Roberts

Golf and Turf Classics, Inc.

Goodyear Golf Club

Gordon Corporation

Granville Ruckman JR.

Greater Washington GCSA

Greenmeadows Turf Supply Inc.

Greg Storck

Guy Eyles

H.T. Page

Hanover Country Club


Harmon Turf Services

Helena Chemical Company

Hell's Point Golf Club

Henry Kamps

Henry Page

Herb Lea

Herod Seeds Inc.

Hertzler & George/GreenGuard

Hines Manufacturing Inc.

Independence Golf Course

Ivy Hill Golf Course

J. Michael Millen

J.B. Hodges

J.W. Townsend

Jack Eden

Jack Hall

Jack Kidwell

James Goatley

James Meier, CGCS

James River Country Club

Jane Smith

Janet Rogers

Jason McMillan

Jean Scott

Jeff Everhart

Jeff Michel

Jefferey Earnhardt

Jeffrey Webster

Jennifer Hair

Jennifer Jones

Jerry Clark

Jim Henderson

Jim Wilson

John Alderdice

John Hall

John Kelso

John Mayes

John Patton

John Shoulders

Johnny Davis

Jon Hummer

Jon Tracy

Jordan Booth

Julia Halstead

Julie Williams

Karen Logan

Kathy Walker

Keith Kitchen

Ken Russell

Kennith Cominsky

Kevin Black

Kevin Gesse

Kevin Mark

Kevin Mathias

Kristin Doherty

Kristin Olsen

Lake Monticello

Lake of the Woods Golf Course

Lakeview Golf Course

Landscape Supply Inc.

Laurel Hill Golf Club

Lea's Green Meadows

Lee Dieter

Lesco Inc.

Lin's Landscaping Service

Loretta Bruce

Lou Kobus Jr.

Louis & Ginger Brooking


Lucas Prillaman

Mac Henry



Marc Petrus

Mark Phillips

Mark Vaughn

Mary Sablan

Meadowbrook Country Club

Meadowspring Turf

Melissa Reynolds

MFM Turf & Irrigation

Michael Albino

Michael D. Johnson

Michael P. Peterson

Michelle Turner

Mid-Atlantic PGA

Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf, Inc.

Mike Albino

Morven Estate

Mount Vernon Country Club

Mr. Bob Hatchet

Ned Herod


Old Dominion 

Old Dominion GCSA

Optimal Service Group

Parker Consulting

Paterson Brown

Paul Hartzell

Prilliman Landscape Dimensions, Inc.

Rajandra Waghray

Rebecca Brooks

Reynolds Metal Co

Richwood Golf Course

Rick Viancour, CGCS

River Creek Club

Riverbend Nursery

Robert Barnett

Robert Riddle

Robert Trent Jones Golf Course

Robert Uhler

Robin Jones

Rod Youngman

Roger Conner

Ron Budkin

Ryan Caudle

Ryan Oltman

Sam Doak

Sara Fitzgerald

Scott Robinson


Seed's West

Shannon Rothgeb

Shelia Varnier

Shenadoah Valley Turf Association

Shenandoah Valley Golf Club

Shenandoah Valley Turfgrass Association

Shenvalee Lodge, Inc.


Smith & Sons Equipment Corp.

Sonja Horn

Southern States

Specialty Turf Services Inc

Sports Turf Managers' Association

Steve Swain

Steve Vessels

Steven Slominski

Terra International Inc

The Country Club of Virginia

The Optimal Service Group

The Tides Inn

The Wetsel Seed Company

Thisuldu Golf Course

Thomas Cowett

Thomas Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Thomas Walsh

Tides Inn

Tidewater SportsTurf

Tidewater Turfgrass Association

Tim Anderson

Tim Demeria

Tom Daniel

Tom Speirs

Toro Equipment and Supply Co., Inc.

Trey Warnock

Turf Equipment & Supply Company, Inc.


Twin Lake Golf Course


Virginia Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSA)

Vicki Smith

Virginia Native Plant Society

Virginia Sod Growers, Inc.

Virginia Sports Turf Managers Assoc.

Virginia State Golf Association

Virginia Turf and Irrigation, Inc.

Virginia Turfgrass Council

Virginia's Turfgrass Association

Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

W. A. Cleary Corporation

W. Edward Lee

W.S. Connelly

Walter Montross

Washington Golf & Country Club

Washington Golf Association

Waterfront Country Club

Water's Edge Golf Course

Wayne Brissy

Waynesboro Country Club

Weblite Inc.

Wes Bray

Westwood Country Club

Wetsel, Inc.

William Hoover

Wintergreen Resort

Official Sponsors

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