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Estate Planning

Include us in your estate plans!

We would love for you to consider a planned gift to the VTF in your will, which would enroll you as a member of the Turfgrass Society, a group of benefactors who have included the VTF in their estate plans or made other planned gifts to the VTF. Unless otherwise specified, all estate gifts are added to the Virginia Turfgrass Foundation Endowment Fund, funding the future of turfgrass with programs and research provided by the Virginia Tech’s Turfgrass Science program. This endowment fund is invested and managed carefully to provide ongoing support of the VTF’s work in perpetuity.

If you prefer to restrict your bequest for a specific program, we encourage you or your advisor to discuss your plans with the VTF’s staff or Board of Directors to ensure that the VTF will be able to fulfill your intentions.

Tree Lined Path


  • Make a gift of cash, securities, or other property.

  • Designate a specific dollar amount, particular asset, or a fixed percentage of your estate to the VTF.

  • Leave all or a portion of your residuary estate to the VTF after providing for your other beneficiaries.

  • Name the VTF as a contingent beneficiary of your estate in the event your other beneficiaries do not survive you.

  • Leave a gift to the VTF from your retirement plan, IRA or life insurance policy.


Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of naming the Virginia Turfgrass Foundation in your estate plans, please click here for more information.


Join the Turfgrass Society

By making a bequest, you will be come a member of the Turfgrass Society!

To start, please fill out and mail this form


We’d like to be able to thank you for your gift and include you in the Turfgrass Society events.  Please do let us know if you have included the VTF in your will. For more information, please write to or call 757.585.3058 to discuss with the Executive Director.


Turfgrass Society Member List

We are extremely grateful to Turfgrass Society members who have made generous contributions for the VTF in their estates:

[name list coming soon]

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