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What does the VTF Endowment do?

This endowment provides long-term funding for the Virginia Turfgrass program at Virginia Tech’s, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. The goal for our endowment is to improve and invest towards the future of Virginia's turfgrass industry.

​Please consider a donation to the endowment to help invest in the advancement of turfgrass, benefitting our environment, health and recreation safety! Questions? Contact Brandyn Baty at

Endowment background

In 1988, the Virginia Turfgrass Foundation Endowment was established by the leadership team of the Virginia Turfgrass Council (VTC). The purpose of this restricted fund was to ensure ongoing funding for turfgrass research at Virginia Tech. The VTF Endowment began with generous contributions from industry leaders throughout Virginia, supporting the vision lead by then VTC President, Mr. Dick Fisher.

Endowment FAQ


What are the objectives of this fund?
Our objective is to grow this fund while simultaneously funding research. We have a strong investment policy to ensure research is supported only from the interest earned on the principal each year.

How is this account funded?
Donations were solicited when Mr. Dick Fisher and the 1988 VTC Board decided to start the Virginia Turfgrass Foundation, highlighting the support needed for turfgrass research in the future. While this fund started small, today the fund has grown to just over $1,000,000 through the ongoing support of the turfgrass industry; VTC, VGCSA, Various Turfgrass Associations, VSG, VSTMA, and many additional organizations and individuals. 

The VTF has a development plan that concentrates on outreach efforts, bringing awareness to the benefits turfgrass brings to our community.  The future of this endowment’s growth is dependent on awareness of the benefits of natural grass, fundraising, and donor cultivation.

Is a donation tax deductable?
Yes!  The Virginia Turfgrass Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We accept gifts and pledges via cash, check or credit card for both our Annual Fund and the endowed funds. The VTF can also accept planned or immediate gifts from estates, insurance, real estate, stocks, bonds and other negotiable securities for any fund. The VTF can also work with donors through the VTF Foundation to set up a variety of trusts. All donations are eligible for a 100% tax deduction.

How much is needed in this fund?
Our next focused goal is to reach $2,000,000 by our 35th Anniversary at the end of 2023! These funds will help support Virginia Tech’s Turfgrass Program in many ways; funding two turfgrass science grad students, research projects, and outreach programs to engage middle and high school students as well as overall communities throughout Virginia and more.

Virginia Tech’s Turfgrass Graduate students are a key component of a successful turfgrass science program. Graduate students in the Virginia Tech Turf Program are critical for conducting research that ultimately leads to scientific research publications and further investigations that may stimulate extramural grant funding. In addition to the research responsibilities of a graduate student, the students also participate with the Virginia Cooperative extension and teaching programs by giving presentations at field days and conferences and assisting in teaching introductory turfgrass science courses. 

What should be done with the interest earned from this account? 
Each year, up to 5.0% of the value of the fund, not to exceed the available interest earned, shall be spent to support funding turfgrass science graduate student(s) at Virginia Tech as well as any research projects approved for funding at our annual meeting to include both the VTF Board of Directors and Virginia Tech Professors.

How can I lend support to continue this program?
Become a VTF Endowment supporter today.

To make your gift, please consider an online donation, direct donation transfer to our Wells Fargo Advisor, or send a check made out to the VTF Endowment to:

The Virginia Turfgrass Foundation

Post Office Box 2062

Williamsburg, VA 23187-2062

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