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Did you know that TURFGRASS impacts your daily life?

Turfgrass guides your path everywhere you go. No matter where you are in the world, natural grass is everywhere you look: walkways, highway roadsides, bike trails, airports, recreation areas and more. The next time you go outside to walk, drive, play, or even fly somewhere you will see TURFGRASS accentuating your route!

Unconsciously, we utilize turfgrass benefits every day.

Turfgrass needs your help, and this is why…

The world’s evolving climate and exposure to man-made resources are the driving causes for why research is necessary.

While there are many areas of turfgrass research, changes in climate and chemical use are two significant causes we can all relate to. For example: Did you know that turfgrass is a natural coolant to the earth? Turfgrass is anywhere from 20-50 degrees cooler than artificial grass and/or cement and covers an estimated 20% of the earth. Research is also needed in order to dispute unfounded claims regarding the effects of commonly used products in the agrochemical industry. Overall, with continuous research we can preserve, transform and improve our environment.

Awareness is knowledge.

The Virginia Turfgrass Foundation is focused on bringing awareness of the value turfgrass provides to our environment, health and recreational safety. Check out the VTF tools highlighting the many benefits of turfgrass. If you would like these rack cards mailed to you, let us know!

How can you help and get involved with preserving healthy Turfgrass?

As turfgrass continues to guide our path into the new year, your financial contribution is essential to the evolvement of turfgrass. Please consider a donation to support turfgrass research throughout the Commonwealth and beyond! A donation as small as $30 will support the cost of one day of research managed by the Virginia Tech Turgrass Science Team. The VTF has been fundraising to support research for 32 years. As of today the VTF has supported over $2M in research with the Virginia Tech Turfgrass Science Team and manages a Turfgrass endowment fund dedicated to improve and invest towards our future.

We invite you to visit our website at to learn about the VTF, current turfgrass research and ways to get involved.

We thank you for your consideration and wish you and your family a fantastic holiday season.

Warm Regards,

Brandyn Baty Jim Wilson

Executive Director VTF Board President

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